Subway celebrates the day against homophobia with a show of Tango Queer

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The event will be held at the Santa Fe Station - Carlos Jauregui to 14:30 hs. There will be officials of the City Government and the Nation, and representatives of embassies.

Queer Tango in Subway

Buenos Aires Subways S.E. (SBASE) reports Friday 17 Carlos Jauregui Line H - May an intervention in the Santa Fe station held, to commemorate the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

The event is organized by the Secretariat for Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism City, and the embassies of the Kingdom of Belgium, Canada, Israel, The Netherlands and the Kingdom of Sweden. It will be attended by authorities of the City, Nation and representatives of embassies.

Activity, which runs from 14.30 a 15.30 hs, will consist of a musical show Queer Tango FIFI group in the lobby of the station (Carlos Jauregui wing). Likewise, pins and allusive yers will be distributed access Pueyrredón. The 17 May is commemorated, internationally, removing homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses by the General Assembly of the World Health Organization.

Likewise, Buenos Aires passed Law 2687, which established the 17 May as the Day for Combating Sexual Orientation Discrimination or gender identity.

Source: – 16 May 2019