Looking for a poetics

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Jorge Vazquez faces the challenge of renewing the lyrics of the song River Plate against names like Manzi or Discépolo. Milonga be today.

Jorge Vazquez
Jorge Vazquez came to fame after winning “elected” (Telefe). Photo: Cristian Fuertes.

A tanguero long hair and leather jacket. In the headhunter program "Chosen" (Telefe), Jorge Vazquez gave that image. And won by dint of talent and excellent versions of classic of the genre.

Vazquez has two discs ("So" and "Pasional"), in which ventures into other genres and dares to write their own tangos. The task is not simple considering the shadow of the great poets of the genre, which he interprets.

"Sometimes, I think: 'How are those things happened? How they could convey both on a piece of napkin?'I am bold to composing some tangos, with a poetic art ", says singer born in La Plata.

Respect for great poets, as Homer Manzi, Enrique Santos Discépolo or brothers Homer and Virgil Exposito, It can be paralyzing when composing new songs.

"Those guys were poets and lived firsthand much of what they have in their lyrics. The same goes from the musical; the tango was very Grossa people. Fortunately, boy heard a lot of music. I realized that tango has a lot of rock. And rock, both tango ".

Although he became is known as tanguero a reality, Vazquez began with a band of cumbia and quartet. In their concerts, It is encouraged to mix the tango with very personal boleros and versions of popular songs, as "fire and passion", which it was a hit Rodrigo.

"People who come to see me want to listen to tango. But he surprised with a ballad and other things that may seem strange. For example, I recorded Karina 'Little Princess' and Nahuel Pennisi. I am convinced that music is one. Fijate in Chivo Novarro: made tangos, boleros and cumbias ".

Source: Clarin newspaper – 17 of January of 2020