Maria Garay celebrates half a century of life with music

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The artist who traveled the world to sing the tango 50 Saturday, an emotional evening where he will review his songbook.

Maria Garay
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Maria Garay meets 50 years with the tango: the popular singer who started in this tango by March 1969 will celebrate its Golden Jubilee with music on Saturday 57 Nº 379 between 2 Y 3, after a year where he turned on the eve of the anniversary and also prepared new album.

And the Cordovan singer shows no signs of stopping, stating very happy and laughing is one of the few people who "meet twice 50". Arab granddaughter, his paternal grandfather came from Chico to Buenos Aires and then settled in Córdoba, where his mother was born, Amina, and she, in 1941, and two of his three brothers.

Two years, Mary moved to Ensenada, where he spent his childhood and adolescence. Young moved to Berisso, where he lived when he started with music, then settle in La Plata.

There he would meet music: It all started in March 1969 in the mythical meeting place for college students before exams, Caprex, and which he managed to transcend borders, with a success that led her to travel the world. It was a makeshift cafeteria, in 6 between 47 Y 48, who she was born with two tables and a couple of chairs in the front of an old house located opposite the Faculty of Humanities, I also had a small library.

passing, over there, by chance or fate, with her husband and young daughter (Marisa, that today accompanies on stage) when he heard music that invited her to look out. "There was a trio playing. a bandoneonista, a guitarist and a violinist, List, who was a neighbor of my mom. Cast told me 'Mary, you have to sing ', because he always sang at meetings. And there were two or three people.

There I sang a theme, and a gentleman asked me 'please, sing another 'and I kept singing. They insisted so much that I was going for a year on Friday and Saturday. And that began to enlarge the mouth. Two months after I was already top of La Gaceta, a newspaper that came out in the afternoon, and so it began: with lots of help from people and media of the City of La Plata that opened the doors ", recalled months ago.

Popular for its delicate nuance between Creole and arrabalero, and also for his remarkable dramatic force, ideal for a repertoire that combines classic tangos with new generations, Garay's career began there with the tango, It expanded by bolero, folklore and poetry, and he led in December 1976 to "Grandes Valores del Tango", In the channel 9.

Since then he recorded 12 discos, He took his tangos by America, countries from Uruguay to Japan, through France, country in which, also, He blunted the vice actress, It is part of the French documentary filmmaker Frédéric Rossif on popular music world, with figures as Pavarotti, Stevie Wonder y Pink Floyd, among others.

Y, dice, There are other milestones "that are not registered, because at that time there were no cameras to touch ": among those memories recalls the time he met Jorge Luis Borges, or because tango greats, account, "I was fortunate enough to meet everyone".

Source: Daily Day (La Plata) – 16 May 2019