Rodolfo Mederos with the Orchestra School of Tango Norte

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It will be presented on Friday 17 May at 21:00 hs, in the Auditorium of the D.Rocha, La Plata.

Rodolfo Mederos

The concert, organized by the Orchestra School of Tango north of the city with the support of the Municipality of La Plata, It will be carried forward to next Friday 21 hours in the historic street space 50 between 6 Y 7, a general input $200.

The founder of the cult band Zero Generation, Rodolfo Mederos, and Orchestra School of Tango Norte de La Plata, will perform a varied repertoire that will feature classic tangos Osvaldo Pugliese, Carlos Di Sarli and Astor Piazzolla. further, there will bandoneon solos and duets with Miguel and Ana Caragliano Climbing.

For this presentation, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Education Local, They will be uploaded to the stage musicians Rodolfo Mederos, Ana Climbing, Rizzi y Luis Miguel Caragliano (bandoneones); Mario Acosta and Erik Ryhr (piano); Mariana Athamas; Sandra Garcia, Mauricio Rodriguez Calderon and Ayelin (violins); Sofia Vocaturo (viola); and Emiliano Bellito (double bass).

Reportedly, those wishing to attend the show, they can buy their tickets at the ticket office of the Cultural Center, Monday through Friday 17 a 22 hours.

Source: – 15 May 2019